Why do you need a business coach?


Why do you need a business coach?

Management and coaching are two different things. Coaching is a goal focused, result oriented, client driven and systematic process where a coach enters into a formal and equivalent relationship with a client. That’s why it is very difficult to coach someone who is working for you due to the hierarchical relationship. Most of the time, the manager or team leader already has a solution in mind before the coaching starts.

Since a couple of years we have been living in an economically uncertain climat. Therefore, having a business coach who will explore, stimulate and strengthen the inner power sources of business people through challenging and involved interaction and methodologies, has become a “must to have” towards success. Every day, dissatisfaction, underperformance, insecurity and lack of motivation are sneaking into organisations.

Are these situations and emotions abnormal? No, but what a waist of potential for your team and for yourself. That is exactly where a business coach can help you. They will trigger the inner power sources of people, which will enable them to return to a positive state regarding situations and emotions. In addition to listening, the business coach will challenge, confront and encourage people. He will get people out of their comfort zone and support them for 200% to achieve the desired targets. The business coach will help them to develop their concrete action plan.

Since a couple of years there has been an increased demand for business coaching, which is mostly used for:

  • Reflection, challenging discussions and honest feedback with senior leaders;
  • Supporting people who have recently been promoted or hired (mostly for high potentials and senior management positions);
  • Increasing the company’s efficiency through coaching of underperformers.