Behaviour driven by values and motivations.


People behave in a certain way. Behaviour is driven by values and motivations. Everyone has a unique combination of these values and motivations, with some preferences for certain value systems. As a result some people like structure, principles and order, while other people like success, competition and result. Overall, we currently know seven value systems (worldviews) in our society.

We have to approach each value system in a different way regarding communication, leadership, change, etc.

Example: Change

  • One will respond to change by asking himself how different the new situation will be compared to the previous one, and how do we need to change the rules as a result of the change.
  • The other will ask himself what he can get out of this change, what kind of opportunities does the change offer him.

People who are finding values and motivations they like within their organisation, their function, and the way they are approached, will get more energy and will help to create a vibrant organisation. Those who spend all day working in an environment that is conflicting with their values and motivations will lose energy, and after a while, will be exhausted and demoralised. They will lose their commitment towards the organisation.

Therefore, it is important that an organisation or team knows the values and motivations of people and that the management team learns to deal with the different value systems. Only then you will find out why people do what they do in the organisation and you will be able to reply properly.

As part of your people retention plan you can get a clear picture of the dynamics within your organisation through a values and motivation analysis. A business coach can help you with this analysis and with the development of an action plan in order to keep your most valuable people happy within your organisation.

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