The benefits of failing and criticism



Last thursday I had the opportunity to participate to an Entrepreneurship Happy Hour event in Brussels talking about
“The benefits of failing”.
A young entrepreneur informed the audience about his startup. The first months everything looked okay, but then his company faced a rapid decrease of cash.

While he was talking about the reasons of his failure” he said the most important sentence of the evening. “What I have learned out of this, is …….”
Well yes, we have to stop talking about failure. In stead of this we should look at it as a learning point. Every action leads to a result and every result gives us the possibility to learn.

The same with criticism. Criticism is feedback as well as  positive reactions on our product , company, behaviour or whatever. Every feedback is also a learning moment.

At the end the young entrepreneur mentioned his thanks towards the coach who helped him during the difficult moments.
I am convinced that the coach must not only be there when things are going wrong. He should also be there when everything runs smoothly, to challenge, confront, and guide the entrepreneur through the next evolution steps of his company.

The benefits of failure and criticism are the learning points they create for each of us.

your sansoka team

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